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Hen Party Dance Class

Dance Classes for Hen parties and Celebrations

Dance Classes from The Event Monster - Book a Dance Class Today

Whether it’s a dance class Beyonce style or learning a West End routine, there’s something for the dance diva in all of you. These classes will have you and your mates laughing for ages, even though secretly you think you bust the best moves.

* Hen party dance classes are excellent value at only £24 per person, and with 10 paying girls the hen takes part for FREE! Secure your booking with just a £50 deposit.

Choose from the most popular following dance classes for hen parties:

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We also run the following hen party dance classes, just get in touch to make a booking for £24 per person: Thriller, Abba, Grease, Salsa, Madonna, Fame and Musicals (choose your favourite show and our instructor will create a tailor made dance number for you and the girls to enjoy and perform).

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1.5 hours

What to wear to your hen party

Trainers comfortable clothing

 Book a dance class today from £24 per person

Important information about Dance Classes

Dance classes require physical activity so if you are pregnant or have an injury it is best to check with your GP first before booking yourself on.

Add the VIP & Bar & Club Entry upgrade and head off to the cities most vibrant bars and clubs, with your name on a guest list, entrance fee paid for and VIP Q-jump pass.

Suitable for all ages and abilities.


Please note: the cost of £24 per person is based on a group of at least 10 participants.  If you have a smaller group then the cost of 10 participants is simply divided amongst the group.

[quote style=”1″]It was amazing! The dance teacher was brilliant, couldn’t have been better we loved her. It really was sooo much fun xxx
Loren, Bournemouth, Beyonce Dance Class[/quote]
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Related Activities

Beyonce Dance Class
£24 per person - FREE for the Hen

Ok ladies, we know that you have all seen that Beyonce video for Single Ladies and wanted to dance along. Well this is your chance! In the Beyonce Dance Class you go through a boot camp and learn the moves to the dance before acting it out for real with the rest of your party.

Burlesque Dance Classes
£24 per person - FREE for the Hen

During our class burlesque dance classes you will be taught a variety of walks, dance moves and tricks that you get to put together in a routine. £24 per person – FREE for the Hen

Strictly Come Dancing
£24 per person - FREE for the Hen

The biggest show in the country has just become the best party to be at. The Strictly Come Dancing party lets you glide across the floor with all the grace, style and dignity of your favorite stars of the show. You get to pick from a number of the favorite dancers and will be taught.

Pole Dancing Classes
£24 per person - FREE for the Hen

Learn moves and spins as part of our pole dancing classes. Learn a routine that will give you a memorable day you will be talking about in years to come! £24 per person – FREE for the Hen

Bollywood Dance Classes
£24 per person - FREE for the Hen

Experience the glitz, glamour and colourful vibrance with our Bollywood dance classes. This workshop will provide an insight into the elegance and intricacy of hand gestures as well as a magic footwork routine.

£24 per person – FREE for the Hen

Hula Dance Class
£24 per person - FREE for the Hen

Work those hips girl and relive your childhood moments and have a damn good laugh at the same time with a hula dance class!

Dirty Dancing Hen Party
£24 per person - FREE for the Hen

Most girls know the film script word for word and Dirty Dancing will never age. This 90 minute Dirty Dancing hen party dance class will have you and  your group recreating one of the most iconic dance routines of all time or if you have your own favourite track from the film, let us know and we will put together a bespoke routine together.

Chicago Dance Class
£24 per person - FREE for the Hen

Jazz hands at the ready for this 1.5 hour fabulous Chicago dance class where you will learn the key steps and sequence to one of Broadway’s longest running and most famous musical extravaganzas. The typical routine taught is Velma Kelly’s ‘All that Jazz’ sequence.

Locations for Dance Classes for Hen parties and Celebrations

Locations in the UK

  • Birmingham Hen Nights
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  • Bournemouth Hen Nights
  • Brighton Hen Nights
  • Bristol Hen Nights
  • Cardiff Hen Nights
  • Chester Hen Nights
  • Edinburgh Hen Nights
  • Glasgow Hen Nights
  • Leeds Hen Nights
  • Liverpool Hen Nights
  • London Hen Nights
  • Manchester Hen Nights
  • Newcastle Hen Nights
  • Newquay Hen Nights
  • Nottingham Hen Nights
  • Oxford Hen Nights
  • Sheffield Hen Nights
  • Swansea Hen Nights
  • York Hen Nights
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