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Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations

Not sure where you want to take your stag party or hen do ? Maybe you are but you need some ideas? Well, no matter where you go, we know all the hotspots and all the best places to visit and we will make sure we get you there! If you want to go coasteering down south or drinking up north, we will get you to some of the best party locations going!  Take a look at our Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations.


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

You don’t need to abroad to visit some of the best tourist spots in the world. Head to London to see why people from all over the globe flock here, and if you get bored of sight seeing, there are so many clubs, bars and party spots waiting to be discovered. London is always on the go and you’ll never be stuck for something to do in the capital.


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

Liverpool is another one of England’s super trendy cities. Spend the nights partying with the locals, in one of the many clubs that are on offer, and spend the days wondering around the multitude of museums and the Liverpool One centre – which is one of the heart of the shopping, fashion and leisure scene in the city. If that’s not what you’re looking for then there are plenty of activities we can arrange in the day time that will keep you entertained until you his the clubs again.


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

What better place to party than the second largest city in England. Birmingham offers a diverse range of clubs, bars and restaurants as well as a wealth of daytime activities, all hosted by a just as diverse population of friendly fun loving people. If you choose to hit the legendary Broad Street in the centre – with over 40 bars and clubs on the street, or move a little further afield, you will never be far from the action in this bustling city.


This only problem you will have in Birmingham is choosing where to go next!


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

Blackpool Hen Nights and Blackpool Stag Weekends, a classic British destination, a stroll along the beach front will find you stumbling over the pier, classic fish a chip shops and bingo halls. Alternatively you can hit one of the many bars, take on the roller coasters and battle the slot machines. Blackpool is fun and friendly, go there for a straight forward weekend on the beach or move further a field during the day and take in one of the many activities we offer around there!


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

If you’re heading to the south coast and are looking for a party then Brighton is where you want to be. Described as one of the best social scenes in the country we will send you to some of the best clubs around, where you won’t be able to help yourself as you drink and dance the night away! We can also offer some fantastic activities in the day as well, ranging from some adventurous water sports and beach activities to some classic paint balling and go karting.


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

Get into the modern city, see the traditional side or chill out in the surrounding valleys. Cardiff has so many places for you to take your party you’ll find it hard to decide! Sports fans are constantly flocking to the city, especially after the Rugby World Cup back in ’99, meaning this place is always jumping and one of the most vibrant and modern cities you can go to!



Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

With activity centres dotted all around Chester an North Wales we’ll be able to provide you with a weekend that will keep your party busy and having fun from start to finish! With traditional and sophisticated surroundings you’ll be able to chill out with a few drinks before getting up and doing it all again the next day. Unless you fancy taking a day off from it all, then why not visit the heart of the city and spend the day in the Forum Shopping Centre.


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

Think you can keep up with all that this city has to offer? We can take you on action pack adventure weekends, round the historic city or on all night benders around some of the best bars and clubs you will ever see! Pull on the kilts and listen for the bagpipes, Edinburgh will not disappoint, no matter what you are looking for.


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

Are you Celtic or Rangers? Glasgow will be able to provide you something to do no matter which you are! Even if you don’t like football we can give you a weekend you won’t be able to forget. With over 200 clubs and bars between the West End and the city centre the night life pretty much sorts itself out! Looking for something adventurous in the day? Why not get in touch and we’ll guarantee to find something to keep you entertained in the countryside.



Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

Party mad students keep this place alive every second you are there. It has also been voted as one of the top destinations for clubbing, playing host to over 25 nightclubs, 75 restaurants and 100 bars. All of that partying coupled with it’s location – only a short journey away from some of the best countryside in Yorkshire – means you can chill out in the days and take in the scenery, or let us find you something to keep that adrenaline pumping!


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

Manchester has everything covered when it comes to a night out. No matter if you want to try one of the Pub Staggers put together by real ale enthusiasts Camera, or dance the night away in one of the many music venues, you’ll end up somewhere you won’t want to leave. In fact, the chances are you’ll hear about more places that you can physically get to! Spawning some of the hottest indie bands and playing host to the latest DJs, Manchester is a definite must for anyone looking to party.


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

As with the rest of the northern population, Newcastle know how to drink and they definitely know how to have a good night. With trendy bars on the Quayside and parties going down in the cosmopolitan Jesmond the Geordies will keep your Newcastle Stag Weekends going no matter how long you plan on staying for, so pull on your glad rags and hold on – this is going to be a massive ride!


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

Everybody knows Newquay has a reputation for fun. Spend the days on the beach and in the sea trying your hand at surfing or jet skiing, and if you want some real adventure have a go at coasteering/gorge walking. Still want more?! Head down to some of the coolest bars around and chill out watching the sun go down over the beach and prepare yourself for the night ahead.


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

Nottingham is located in the centre of the Midlands, and the biggest character from here was known for hanging around with his mates who called themselves The Merry Men. What more convincing do you need?! Nottingham is primed and ready to ensure your nights are some of the best you will ever have!


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

Oxford conjures up images of boat races and scholars debating issues of the day over a fine wine. Well, if this is your thing then why not take a trip there and get involved in one of the walking tours, as Oxford is best views by foot. Or take a punt down the river and save yourself for a meal and a night spent with good company in great surroundings. If you want more, we can always provide a little more excitement for your party with one of the many activity centres near by.


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

Sheffield was once famous for it’s steel, then for The Full Monty. Now it’s famous for it’s bustling city centre which is full of bars, clubs and restaurants meaning there is always something to be doing! And don’t worry, if you don’t fancy taking in the city during the day as well, take a short drive out of the centre and try paint balling, off road karting or one of the other many activities Sheffield has to offer.


Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

York is another one of our destinations that will not disappoint regardless of what you want to do! Get out and about and see for yourself just how many shops and bars York has to offer, or get right on the river Ouse and relax with a drink on a rive cruise. There are also plenty of activities on offer like quad biking and off road karting not far away in the Yorkshire Dales.



Stag Do & Hen Party Destinations hen & stag weekends

So you want your party to try some ‘non-conventional’ activities? Fed up of the usual karting and paint balling? Well, Swansea can offer all the usual treats as well as some adrenaline fuelled alternatives. How about spending the days coasteering, climbing and abseiling to really get that blood pumping before a few drinks on the evening.

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