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How our payment pages work

Here at the event monster we know the stresses that come with arranging the perfect event and having to collect all the money in yourself ……but don’t worry help is at hand with our fantastic payment page system!

How does the payment page work?
A link will be emailed to the group leader, the link can then be emailed onto all the people you are inviting.  The people who want to attend the event can then pay their amount by clicking the link and choosing to pay by Credit/Debit card or paypal for a 4% charge or BACS (internet banking) which is free. There is a short form that everyone needs to complete even if they pay by BACS and then complete their payment process…….simple!

How do I pay by BACS?
To pay by BACS you must have an internet banking account (these are very easy to set up if you don’t have one). All you need to do is log onto your online banking and fill in the event monster’s account and sort code and the reference number (this is so we can find your payment easily) and send the payment.  You then need to make sure you fill in our payment form via the payment link so that we know to check for you payment.

Can I make a part payment?
Unfortunately we cannot accept part payments.  We recommend that you save the money for your event in your own account until you have the full payment available.

Can I pay on my friends behalf?
Yes you can! There is a section on the form where you can enter the person’s name if you are paying for them – just make sure you fill this in (so we know you haven’t paid twice by accident) and the rest is exactly the same.

Can my Mom/ Dad/ Sister/ Cat pay for me?
Yes this is again not a problem but please make sure you tell us on the form! This is so we are not expecting Great Aunt Dorothy at the bar crawl…… and helps us to keep track of who has paid.

If you have any further questions please speak to your event manager or call 0333 3440915

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